Who is Ruggero

Born in 1962, Ruggero Ligotti is the current Chief Operations Officer of ACTION SA as well as the General Coordinator of all human resources of the network working on the DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS CENTRAL platform. His career began in the early ‘90s at IBM where, immediately after his onboarding, he started working on innovative app development for midrange computers (i.e., S36, S38, and finally AS400). After leaving IBM and before embracing his vocation as a consultant, he gained a wealth of experience as IT Manager and Organisation Manager for important Italian companies in the manufacturing industry. Project Management has been at the core of his career, with a special but not exclusive focus on complex SME settings. He has systematically faced the challenge of organisational renewal, closely related to the implementation of innovative information technologies, with a special focus on international ERP platforms (JDEdwards and NAV-365BC) as well as on Business Intelligence systems (MIS Decisionware and PowerBI) and best-of-breed composite architectures. In terms of business industries, his most relevant experiences concern Project/Job Cost Management – in the many nuances of the service and industrial sectors – as well as fashion, food & beverage, and 4.0 automation.