Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP-CRM global leader for
small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here is why.

Dynamics Business Central ERP-CRM,
the seven reasons for undisputable success.

1. Completeness

Very wide functional coverage, scalable both horizontally (perimeter width) and vertically (managed complexity).

2. Multiplicity and Management Control

Systematic management of ‘multiplicities’ (multi-company, country multi-localisation, multi-currency, multi-language, multiple headquarters, multiple dimensions of the analysis management solution).

3. Modelling

Feature parametric management that allows each company to ‘model’ its processes based on specific needs, significantly reducing software customisations.

4. IT infrastructure usability

ERP-CRM usability with multiple technological platform alternatives:

  • On-premises (made available by the client)
  • Cloud-based SaaS (made available by Microsoft)
  • Spla-based SaaS (made available by Microsoft’s authorised partners)
  • Any mix of the previous solutions

5. User-centricity

People-centred processes thanks to the possibility of freely configuring your access dashboard, drawing inspiration from existing ‘typical functional roles’ in the system.

6. Affordability

Clear and reasonable implementation costs and times with low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), i.e., the total cost of a product life cycle.

7. Return on investment

R&D investment plans (announced years in advance) and a long solution average life in the company are the drivers for a high ROI. Guaranteed by Microsoft, a global leader in the software industry.

In addition to all of this, ACTION offers:

Management Control in Action

A comprehensive suite of apps/add-ons that enhance the value chain of 365 BC in the following areas: Administration & Finance, Management Control, and Operations.

Support and Expertise

The unique support of Action’s Consultants, who offer high organisational, application, technological, and methodological skills.

BC 365 complementary add-ons/apps

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