Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP-CRM global leader for
small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here is why.

Dynamics Business Central ERP-CRM,
the seven reasons for undisputable success.

1. Completeness

Dynamics 365 Business Central has a very broad functional coverage, but can be used in stages, both at the "horizontal" level (breadth of the functional perimeter) and at the "vertical" level (level of managed complexity of processes). In particular, it is not only an ERP, but also contains a complete suite of CRM (marketing, sales, after-sales service), an Advanced Warehouse, a Demand Planner, as well as a very wide range of "standard apps" created by Microsoft Partner companies (such as Action Network) and certified by Microsoft itself

2. Multiplicity and Management Control

Dynamics 365 Business Central manages all the possible "multies" of the company (multi-company, multi-country localization, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-location, multi-dimensional analysis management). So its database is already natively ready for Business Intelligence analysis, with the Microsoft Power BI tool that is natively integrated, but also with any other third-party vendor solutions.

3. Modelling

Dynamics 365 Business Central, like all real ERPs, allows you to parametrically manage functions, i.e. it allows each company to "model" processes based on specific needs, significantly reducing the use of software customizations. 365 BC also has a high-performance software development environment, which allows on the one hand to completely preserve the standard software from external "pollution", and on the other hand to to easily create customization "extensions" / apps / interfaces.

4. IT infrastructure usability

Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used by companies with multiple technology platform alternatives (core hardware/software/security services):

  • On Premises (platform made available by the Client or by one of its Server Farms)
  • SaaS Cloud (platform made available by Microsoft)
  • SaaS Spla (platform made available by an Authorized Partner, such as Action)
  • Any "mix" of previous solutions.

5. User-centricity

Dynamics 365 Business Central puts People at the center of the Processes, thanks to the possibility of each User to freely configure their own "dashboard" for accessing the system (features, graphs, to-do-list) by choosing one of the "typical functional roles" already present in the system (Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Logistics Manager, Treasury Manager, etc.) and possibly customizing it based on their specific needs.

6. Affordability

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to have "certain" and "contained" implementation times and costs. But it also has a low TCO (total cost of ownership) index, which indicates what the overall life cycle cost of the product is. This indicator is very important, because the statistics of ERP systems say that the entire maintenance phase of the system is worth at least 4-5 times the initial cost of the project, so a solution that doesn't require any special routine maintenance significantly lowers the total cost in the long run.

7. Return on investment

Forrester Consulting, a leading market research and consulting firm, has highlighted that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central produces a 172% return on investment over three years, with more than 18% optimization of the company's core processes. This, but not only this, justifies the election of Business Central by Forbes Advisor (an authoritative US research company) as the best ERP for Medium and Small Companies.

In addition to all of this, ACTION offers:

Management Control in Action

It is an extensive suite of apps/add-ons that extend the “value chain” of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the areas of Administration & Finance, Management Control and Operations

Verticals for Advanced Job Cost Management

Action is a market leader in all business sectors that have the Project as a fundamental process of their business, and for these it has created special add-ons/apps on the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform

Support and Expertise

The unique support of Action’s Consultants, who offer high organisational, application, technological, and methodological skills.

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