Our Approach

‘Listening and Acting’ for a long-term win-win relationship.

We create value together with our clients thanks to a long-term win-win relationship.

Our motto is “LISTENING and ACTING”. First and foremost, clients should be listened to, and the specific dynamics which make them unique should be understood. Immediately after, they should be supported by means of a bespoke technological and advisory approach.

We believe that establishing a middle- or long-term balanced relationship based on common and converging goals between the two companies that share them is of the essence for project success.

Therefore, our understanding of our relationships with our CLIENTS rests on some key factors:

Integrated vision of strategies, processes, and systems




Our approach to projects is always consultative, entrepreneurial, and based on the best technology available for specific business contexts.


The organisational impact is always prioritised, both in terms of process reengineering /optimisation and in terms of organisational change management and staff training for new technologies.

Entrepreneurial approach

The use of a rigorous methodology where appropriate enables Action Network to share the company’s goals and the project-related
risks to achieve them.

Powered by the BEST TECHNOLOGY available

In our main market segment (i.e., small and medium-sized enterprises), we have been investing for more than 20 years in MICROSOFT’s software platform, the global market leader in this field and the only vendor capable of providing a convincing solution for any ‘management’ application. However, we can openly recognise the organisational areas where these solutions are not the most suitable for the project at hand. In these cases, we only act in our traditional capacity as consultants for the choice, evaluation, and performance monitoring of other players’ ‘best-of-breed’ technologies.

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