Business Continuity

Resiliency is simply the ability
of being ready to face emergencies.

“Business continuity” is an organisation’s ability to keep providing products and services after incidents. In other words, it means putting the concept of ‘resiliency’ into practice in a comprehensive way.

Business continuity can be challenged by many obstacles due to many different causes:

Hardware/software issues

Human mistakes

Natural disasters

Civil unrest

Healthcare emergencies

ACTION can select, provide, implement, and monitor the best tools to protect and restore business data (disaster recovery).

Physical distance is no longer an issue: any device can be monitored remotely.

Our e-Supervisor service constantly monitors the crucial parameters of your systems and can prevent data losses due to any cause. It can:

Eliminate the risk of backups not being completed.

Eliminate system monitoring internal activities.

Significantly reduce downtimes in case of incidents.

Protect your company image in the eyes of clients and other stakeholders.

Guarantee service to your clients.

Improve production efficiency.

e-Supervisor is also perfectly compliant with the requirements set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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