Who is Matteo

Matteo Gerosa founded TIF creativehub s.r.l. Born in 1993 in Erba (near Como), his secondary education focused on accounting, and he graduated in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Lecco’s branch). During his academic career, his passion for photography took over and became his main occupation in 2016. In 2019 and 2020, he taught Photography and Videos at a Marketing and Advertising secondary school in Como. In 2017, he launched TIF creativehub s.r.l. for fun, but since then he has made it into a company which currently employs 15 professionals in several areas: WEB SITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, COMMERCIALS, AND GRAPHIC DESIGN. Today, he is a Business Consultant in the Communication and Marketing area and supports medium-sized companies in creating communication strategies aimed at improving their image and boosting their sales attractiveness.