Who is Ivan

Ivan Amarotti is the Founder and President of TeAM Solutions s.r.l. Born in 1973, he comes from the area of Como, more precisely from Cernobbio – as he likes to specify. In 1994, he completed his secondary education as an electronic technician specialising in IT. After working for 5 years for several IT companies in the area of Como, where he worked both as a system administrator and application technician, in 2000 he started his entrepreneurial career by founding – together with his friend Emanuele Torchio – the current TeAM Solutions s.r.l., where TeAM stands for Torchio e (‘and’) Amarotti. He has always been in love with technology and IT in any form, and over the last ten years, he has specialised in corporate IT security with a particular focus on BUSINESS CONTINUITY and DISASTER RECOVERY, which led to the creation of a NOC(*) called eSUPERVISOR™. Continuous learning and upskilling, together with high service standards, are the key to his success.

(*)A NOC (Network Operation Centre) is a unit made up of people, processes, and technologies that oversees networks and infrastructure both in-house and, more frequently, remotely.